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My name is Natalie Schneider. I have had a passion to help people who are blind all my life. When I was little, I helped take care of my great grandma who was blind. That made me realize that I really want to help people who are blind. I started this charity so that I could do that. People who are blind or visually impaired need tools to help them with tasks others do without even thinking about it. (Some common tools are pictured below.) They use Braillers or slates and styluses to write. A Brailler costs about $800. A Smart Brailler costs about $2,400. A support cane can cost $20-50. A swing cell to help learn Braille is about $50. A Magnisight Explorer can aid people with visual impairments when viewing any printed materials. A small camera sends the document to the connected computer so that the user can view the material on a larger scale. The Custom Focus model, pictured below, allows an individual to switch the picture from color to black and white, adjust the color contrast, size, and focus, and freeze the frame. Newer models cost around $2,000. I want to help people who are blind to get the aids they need. There are lots of other costly tools made to help with daily tasks. I want to help supply these things for people who need them.