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September 16, 2022:  CVI Accessibility

Since it’s CVI awareness month, we want to share three accessibility tips to help specifically those with CVI, the leading cause of childhood blindness. For more tips and information, please visit Perkins School for the Blind’s new CVI webpage:

A clip art image of a girl talking with a boy.  The girl has brown hair and is wearing a yellow tank top.  The boy has blonde hair and is wearing a red shirt.  The text below reads:  "Use your voice.  Provide auditory cues, always introducing yourself by name and narrating the situations in which they can interact."
A clip art image of a lamp plugged into an outlet. The light is on.  The lamp has a light green base and a red shade.  The test to the right side reads:  "Be mindful of all lighting.  Some individuals are extremely sensitive to light, but certain extra lighting may also be necessary."
A clip art image of six balloons of different colors (yellow, red, green, orange, blue, purple) floating with a light blue background.  The text underneath reads:  "Talk about color, not details. Often, the details of objects cannot be visually processed, but some individuals can still see dominant colors with high contrast."